Friendly Reminder: Invitation to all UM Staff: Long Service Award and Outstanding Administrative Staff Award Ceremony (Deadline for Registration: 20 March 2019)

Friendly Reminder: Enrollment to UM Recreational Club Interest Class “Aerial Yoga – Trial Class” ends on tomorrow (15/03/2019)

UM Recreational Club Interest Class in March and April: “Mindfulness Stress Reduction Workshop”, “Aerial Yoga – Trial Class” & “Little Chef in Laboratory”

Recruitment Advertisements of (1) Assistant Professor in Business Economics (2) Full/Associate Professor of Japanese (3) Administrative Assistant/Senior Administrative Assistant for the Infrastructure and User Services Section (4) Assistant Information Technology Technician/Information Technology Technician/Information Technology Officer for User Service (5) Information Technology Technician/Information Technology Officer/Senior Information Technology Officer for Infrastructure Service (6) Laboratory Technician for the Institute of Microelectronics (7) Driver (Heavy-Duty Passenger Vehicle)

Centro de Formação Jurídica e Judiciária (CFJJ): Acquisition of Goods and Provision of Services – Basic Level (in Cantonese)