Purchasing Methodology for Choosing Suppliers

To meet the standards established by the Macau SAR Government guidelines and to provide efficient services to our fellow departments, requestors are asked to observe the following before submitting E-forms to their superiors for approval:

Local Suppliers is the First Priority

In principle, local suppliers are given the priority to tender. Quotations can only be obtained from overseas suppliers when:

  • the particular vendors are the exclusive suppliers of the products when there are no other alternative goods and services found in the local market;
  • local vendors are unable to respond to an invitation to tender or to quote a price;
  • local market prices are significantly higher than overseas prices.

Sole Dealer/Agent

A letter from the vendor declaring that they are the sole dealer/agent must be attached to the E-form. (According to Decree-Law No. 122/84/M, Article 7, December 15).

New Suppliers

New suppliers need to fill out and present a copy of a Government Registration Form (M1 & M8) and operating/business/financial records that indicate their companies have been established for at least a year.

Single Source Supplier

PCT may seek additional information from requestors when a designated manufacturer or a specific brand of equipment/machinery is recommended by them. Requestors will need to provide the following to PCT concerning the products:

  • A solid justification for choosing a certain brand;
  • Advantages of the products;
  • Alternative brands;
  • Sources of information concerning the products.